Hygiene services and sustainability: how eco-friendly are cleanliness services/practices?

  • Now more than ever, as a society we are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and how our actions are shaping the future of the planet. At Washroom Services Direct, we recognise that hygiene and sanitation services should be sustainable to contribute towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.


  • Sanitary bins are a legal requirement for all companies to provide for their female employees and help to reduce water pollution. Sanitary bins can be used to dispose of products such as sanitary towels, tampons, nappies to prevent them from being flushed down toilets and entering the sewage system.


  • If these waste products are flushed, this can cause potential plumbing blockages and render your toilets unusable (which is a health and safety violation for the professional workplace). This waste can also enter larger water supplies like rivers and oceans and pose a threat to marine wildlife and ecosystems, as they are a source of pollution and can create a choking or suffocation hazard.


  • By offering a safe facility to dispose of sanitary waste in, this saves your company money in both plumbing fees and potential legal fines; all whilst helping the environment! A study by the NOAA found that 1.4 billion pounds of rubbish enters the ocean every year, so installing and maintaining sanitary bins will help to reduce any further unnecessary waste entering the ocean.


  • Equally, installing electric hand dryers is another way to help the environment as it reduces the need for excess paper waste in the form of paper towels. Also, a hand dryer requires minimal effort to maintain, as it doesn’t need to be restocked like a paper towel fixture does. Therefore, it is also a more cost-effective investment for a business to pay for a multi-use piece of equipment as opposed to single-use paper towels.


  • From a user perspective, it is also more hygienic from a user-perspective, due to it not requiring direct physical contact to be activated. This prevents any
    cross-contamination and minimises the spread of germs. At Washroom Services Direct, we provide a wide range of hygiene products and services for your every need; whether that’s to maintain a high standard of cleanliness or to be more environmentally-friendly. From sanitary bins to hand dryers, we offer an affordable one-stop shop of hygiene and sanitation goods which your business requires to remain clean and tidy. For more information on how Washroom Services Direct could help to facilitate your hygiene requirements and improve your company’s environmental impact, get in touch with us today.